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KJ to Create Art for Lucasfilm

This entry comes right from Kevin-John, himself.

Today, is a very special day, 40 years in the making. Today, I begin painting my first official art for LUCASFILM. A few months ago, I teased that a gigantic announcement was coming. This is it. I cannot release any more details at this point, but know that official KJ - Star Wars Art will be available in 2019. Since July, I have been working on concept sketches and revisions for my first few paintings. Today, all have been approved by Mr. George Lucas and company and I can move to final paint! It will be a glorious day in KJ Studios. I was in 3rd grade when A NEW HOPE premiered. I was hooked from the first cord of John William's incredible score. Most of my drawings for the next few years were almost all "Star Wars". I can recall teachers telling me that those drawings of spaceships and robots would never get me anywhere. Today, I bust that wide open. This is an honor that I will never fully grasp. Star Wars has been part of my molecular chemistry for most of my life, getting the call from Lucasfilm was unreal. The Force is real. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.....a small artistic boy fell in love with the story, characters and escapism of a great film. Today, he gets to lend his talents to that incredible franchise. Wow. "“Never tell me the odds.” – Han Solo

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