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Kevin-John featured in Netflix sensation "Evil Genius"

In the autumn of 2010, Kevin-John was contracted by NBC to create the courtroom sketches during the trial of one of the most gruesome, twisted murders in modern American history.

Kevin-John's sketches and interviews were shown on national television during the trial and conviction of Marjorie Diehl - Armstrong, the mastermind behind this horrific crime.

In 2018, Netflix released "Evil Genius", the definitive documentary about this fascinating story.

Once again, KJ's sketches were used as key art in this film.

Netflix also utilized KJ as an anchor for their social media promotional efforts.

The artist is able to give a unique take on the trial, his hometown where the crime took place, and his experiences with Marjorie.

For the first time ever, Kevin-John Studios is releasing the courtroom sketches

as both Original Drawings and Signed Prints.

Find them HERE.

Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong

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