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We are thrilled to announce that we have combined and into one fantastic website!

Debuting in 2001, this is the fifth generation ( 5.0 ) of For more than 30 years, KJ has always been on the cutting edge of promotional tools to further his brand. Establishing a website for an artist was still a foreign concept at the turn of the century, however, he recognized the potential in the virtual portfolio.

Due to customer demand, in 2012, the team at KJ Studios introduced the first online store. What began as a little side site, has now become a stop for KJ art collectors from around the planet.

With the growing reach of social media, the final component was finally available for KJ to connect with his fans in an intimate way never before imagined. Links to KJ's social media have been added to the new site to easily follow the artist in studio, at signings and tag along with him on his many adventures.

"Getting to know the people who collect my art has always been important to me. I now have the ability to connect with them almost daily. Sharing new projects and travels with them is one of my favorite elements of the internet." - KJ

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