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Your personal “Meet & Dine with Kevin-John” at Walt Disney World

We receive requests daily from fans to meet Kevin-John in the Disney Parks or about special signing dates in the Disney Galleries. Fan interaction has always been very important to Kevin-John, but due to the demands of his schedule, filling these requests is becoming more difficult every day. 

We here, at Kevin-John Studios, wanted to develop a solution that would thrill fans by providing a truly intimate and memorable experience and be manageable from a scheduling standpoint. We are happy to offer this premium engagement to you.

Kevin-John will join YOU AND YOUR PARTY for dinner at a restaurant of your choosing at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Enjoy conversation, ask questions, share stories, take photos and have autographs signed during this One and a Half Hour dinner with one of the most in-demand Master Artists in the country. As a premium keepsake, Kevin-John will present you with a hand drawn, 1/1 Original Sketch and sign it personally for you. Very limited bookings are available, so reserve yours now.

Here are the details:

Purchase your “Meet and Dine” here. 

Bookings are purchased in advanced for $299

Submit possible dates to Kevin-John Studios for coordination in the “Notes” section upon checkout. 

If dates are available, your “Meet & Dine” will be scheduled and confirmed within 48 hours. If we are unable to accommodate your dates, an instant refund will be issued. 

Once the date and time is confirmed, simply include Kevin-John and a guest as a “plus two” to your dinner reservation at a Walt Disney World Resort Restaurant of your choice.

You will have a maximum time of one hour and a half with Kevin-John for dinner, photos, autographs, questions and conversation.

$299 pays for the event for your entire party up to 8 people. 
( Please contact Kevin-John Studios directly for larger parties. )

This price does NOT include the price of the dinner for your party. You are NOT responsible for the dinner bill for Kevin-John and his guest.

During the dinner, Kevin-John will present you and your party with the original sketch as a premium souvenir.  **sketch subject matter will vary, we cannot entertain special requests**

Additionally, any Kevin-John Art purchased in the Parks can be brought to the dinner for signing and personalization.

*** Price does not include Park Admission, should you choose to dine at a restaurant in a Park.***

Meet & Dine with Kevin-John at Walt Disney World

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